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Info: PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR PAYMENT METHOD BY CLICKING ON ONE OF THE ICONS ABOVE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) For processing by PAYPAL, a PayPal account is not required. During the payment process, all information will be exchanged in encrypted format exclusively between you and the PayPal website. After your order has been accepted and processed by PayPal a payment notification will be received and approved by this website. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) When using BITCOIN our payment processor is COINBASE.COM. You dont need a Coinbase account just any functioning Bitcoin wallet. Please complete this order page and a new page will open confirming the order and providing my payment page with further information and instructions. If you dont have a Bitcoin wallet and would like to sign up with, send me your email address via the contact page and I will provide my signup link which you can use. You (and me) should receive some free Bitcoin but for new customers only. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) Payment Notification and Downloading Files - As the downloads you purchased are very large they have been placed on a cloud server where you can open an account and get 15Gb storage for free. Please allow 1-24 hours for your payment notification to be received and then cloud login instructions with download links will sent by email. Just in case check your spam box in case my email is blocked. 
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